A List of Top Costa Rica Surfing Destinations

Every year, millions of surfers flock the Pacific coast with a surfing agenda in mind. With hundreds of beaches, lefts and rights, point and beach breaks, river mouths and reefs, warm waters and waves every day of the year, Costa Rica is simply a surfers dream.

There is a myriad of surfing schools available along the coast making the location suitable for experienced and novice surfers. If you’re a surfer on a budget, the rainy season is the best time for you, and what’s more, this is when the swells are the best.

The following are the top Costa Rica surfing destinations.

1) Tamarindo

Tamarindo was a quiet fishing town several years back. It ‘s now a developed town popular with tourists. The surfing hot-spot offers great surfing conditions such as steady swells and off-shore winds. Popular spots in this area are; Isla Capitan, El Estero, Playa Grande, Playa Langosta and Pico Pequeno. The are also great surf schools in Tamarindo, one example is Tamarindo Surf Academy a top Costa Rica surf school whose owner is a well known pro-surfer, Federico Pilurzu.

2) Mal Pais-Santa Teresa

If you prefer peace and quiet, Mal Pais-Santa Teresa is a quiet surf village is a great escape for you. The area has world-class swells and is ideal for surfing all year round. An added advantage is that you can also get to enjoy the flora and fauna in the green jungle that is located in the area. Popular hot spots in this area are Playa El Carmen and Playa Santa Teresa.

3) Playa Avellanas

Playa Avellanas has one of the most spectacular beaches in Costa Rica. The picturesque area got its name from a pig that loved diving in the surf. The area is a popular surfer hangout littered with simple hotels and cabanas. In Avellanas, you can surf all year round with consistent waves coming from the North and Southern hemisphere. Favorite hot-spots here are; La Purruja, El Parqueo, El Palo, El Estro de Avellanas and little Hawaii.

4) Dominical

Although Dominical is not as developed as Tamarindo, the area is ideal for surfing with it’s massive barreling breaks that can hold big-sized waves without closing in. The area is popular with experienced surfers looking for steady waves. Due to it’s dangerous rip currents, surfers are advised to exercise caution at times.

5) Nosara

Nosara is a versatile surfing spot with fast and hollow waves, making it ideal for the advanced surfer. In addition, the area has great beach breaks, multiple breaks and lineups, Popular surfing spots in this area are Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and Bocas Del Nosara.

Costa Rica is blessed to have ideal surfing conditions all year round. With the common denominator being that it’s a surfers paradise, no area is similar to the other in terms of what it has to offer. You can, therefore, choose any area that you desire and enjoy surfing to the maximum.